Apollo-Rheinlandkarte heute ab 21.00h

Apollo-Rheinlandkarte heute ab 21.00h wurde erstellt von Qetzalcoatl

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Apollo-Rheinlandkampagne startet heute wieder ab 21.00h auf dem CombatBox-Server:

The call to glory echoes across the skies once more, as Apollo returns to the pivotal battlefields of Rhineland in 1944. This campaign is a deep dive into the strategic air battles that shaped the course of history. With revised gameplay mechanics, Apollo is set to deliver an unparalleled flight combat experience. What’s Soaring Your Way?
  • Rhineland Revisited: Back by popular demand, the Rhineland 1944 campaign brings you into the heart of the action during one of the most critical phases of World War II.
  • Impactful Airframe Losses: Every mission counts, as airframe losses now directly impact the operational capabilities of your friendly airfields. Fly smart, fly strategically.
  • Overhauled Plane Sets: We’ve completely revamped the plane sets for Rhineland, incorporating new "trickle in" mechanics for the latest airframes. This dynamic addition ensures a continually evolving battlefield that mirrors the historical advancements of the era.
Featuring Legendary Aircraft: Prepare to take control of the skies with some of the most iconic aircraft of World War II, including:
  • The Tempest and Mustang, for unmatched speed and agility.
  • The K4 and D9, epitomizing the pinnacle of piston-engine design.
  • The Me-262 Jet Fighter, available in limited quantities, offering a glimpse into the future of aerial combat.
These legendary superprops and the groundbreaking jet fighter are at your command, ready to change the course of the air war over Europe. Embark on "Apollo"
  • Launch Date: 29. März 2024 21:00 (in 9 Stunden)
  • Server: Combat Box main server
  • Comms: Use SRS for the best experience, including missions, flight-following, bandit alerts, radar and ground-controlled-intercept.
As we return to Rhineland, prepare to immerse yourself in the strategy, the danger, and the glory of aerial combat. The battle for the skies is about to begin. Will you answer the call?
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