Apollo-Kuban nochmal ab 31.05.

Apollo-Kuban nochmal ab 31.05. wurde erstellt von Qetzalcoatl

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Apollo XV Kuban was very short, and many players didn't get a chance to try it or didn't get to fly as much as they wanted. We are pleased to announce that we are running it again. The Apollo 15 Encore starts Friday, May 31, and includes a number of small changes:
  • The coalition balancer will reopen airfields more slowly after an imbalance.
  • The Myskhako Bridgehead has been reinforced with more units and upgraded to a strategic objective.
  • The Day 1 playable area now includes the airfield at Gelendzhik.
  • The Russian CB radio bot voices say fewer extraneous things and have had some pronunciation improvements.
Apollo XV ran from April 15, 1943, to May 31, 1943. We'll start this one on June 1, 1943, which is the introduction date for the Bf 109G-6 Late, IAR-80b, La-5FN, and Yak-9T. These new planes will change some of the match ups.
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