Alphatest 6 der CombatBox Kampagne

Alphatest 6 der CombatBox Kampagne wurde erstellt von Qetzalcoatl

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Seit Freitag Abend läuft die 6. Testversion der Dynamischen Kampagne auf dem CombatBox-Server. Sie haben ein paar interessante neue Features in ihren Regeln eingebaut:

Change log
Tech Alpha 6 “Midwinter Edition,” February 2023
Campaign changes:
● Apollo now has a win condition! If one side controls fewer than 3 airfields in the active
play area, they lose.
● The campaign now switches between seasons based on the date. Players should see
the Rhineland campaign begin in autumn and progress through winter, spring, and
summer. Mission temperatures are set accordingly, and included in the daily mission
● More objectives, airfields and convoys have been added to the campaign, especially in
the east (territory held by Germany at campaign start). More pop-up targets have also
been added.
● We’ve implemented a coalition balancer to encourage more balanced teams.
○ If one side outnumbers the other by more than 10 players, their front-line
airfields will be set to “restricted” mode. If the imbalance grows to 20 players, a
second set of airfields will be restricted as well.
○ Players can finish their sortie or repair and refuel at restricted airfields, but they
cannot spawn new aircraft.
● To encourage players to complete sorties and emphasize the importance of bringing
your aircraft home, losing an aircraft now reduces supply at the airfield it took off from.
This effect cannot take an airfield below 50%, and if a pilot lands at another friendly
field there is no penalty.
● “Pop-up” objectives are now slightly more limited, so each side has a maximum of two
pop-ups within the play area. Pop-ups that move off the map are cleaned up and
removed. Pop-up search areas are now smaller.
● Airfield ownership now follows the “Y is for Yankee” historical rule. If a field was
historically British or American, it is set to that country when captured. If the field
wasn’t held by either of those sides, it’s set to the closest country upon capture.
● Supply can now move “along” the front line between objectives that are a similar
distance from the front. Previously a strict distance check was applied, so if one
objective was fractionally closer to the front it could not resupply the other.
Gameplay changes:
● Pilots are now sent a personalized “instant debrief” when they finish their sortie, giving
them feedback on how they did and how the sortie ended.
● Pilots who fail to use the designated runway for takeoffs are now called out in chat, for
everyone on their side to see.
● Pilots now have a maximum number of lives per campaign day. Most pilots flying
normal sorties will never run into this limit, it’s intended to avoid strange behaviors
where pilots suicide in the name of ‘efficiency’
● Airframes now require a minimum runway length at an airfield. The A-20, He-111, Ju-88
and Arado are not available at a handful of the smaller fields due to this.
● Flak is now randomized better to a ‘matching’ model (based on type and projectile
calibre). This should lead to a better variety of guns at each supply point.
● Convoys now always depart in time to reach their destination. Enemy pilots now get
two convoy announcements, once shortly after the convoy departs, and once when the
convoy nears its destination.
Bug fixes:
● Play area is now always centered on the front line. Depending on the movement of the
front the “combat box” previously lagged off to one side, giving an advantage to the
side that was pushing forward.
● Locomotives, train wagons, and wagon-mounted AA guns now count against supply if
they are destroyed.
● Convoys arriving at their destination should now always award a supply bonus to the
destination supply point.
Cosmetic changes:
● Inactive airfields should now have the correct aircraft and decoration blocks for
whichever side controls that spot on the map.
● Inactive airfields outside the play area are now totally removed from the mission.
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