Neuer BoS-Patch ist raus 5.203

Neuer BoS-Patch ist raus 5.203 wurde erstellt von Qetzalcoatl

Posted 3 Monate 1 Woche her #49414
5.203 Changelist
  1. Advanced Quick Mission mode for player-controlled ground vehicles has been added to the Prokhorovka map - it is available to all owners of Tank Crew: Clash at Prokhorovka;
  2. Career: a dynamic battlefield generation system has been added to all scenarios of player flight escorting bombers, attack or transport planes;
  3. Career: evacuation mission previously only available on the Normandy map has been added to all theaters; 
  4. Career: added night variants of Attack Railway Junction and Traffic Interdiction missions;
  5. Advanced Quick Mission mode on Western Front WWI map: added Balloon Defense, Artillery Spotting, and Photo Reconnaissance mission types;
  6. Advanced Quick Mission mode on Normandy and Rheinland maps: added glider towing;
  7. Descriptions of all World War II aircraft updated: additional instructions added for manual startup and approximate fuel consumption at different modes (work on the descriptions continues);
  8. Added popular unofficial campaigns: Kerch-Eltigen Operation (Bf 109G-6 pilot in late 1943, by Juri_JS) and Battle of Hürtgenwald (P-47D pilot in late 1944, by AEthelraedUnraed);
  9. Flying Circus Career mode: corrected career progression of American Sqn. 94 and Sqn. 95, German Jasta Boelcke, Jasta 11, Jasta 12, Jasta 14, Bosta 13, FA(A) 235;
  10. Flying Circus Career and AQM modes: parked aircraft have been added to all airfields used by players;
  11. Western Front WWI map: started adding new settlements to a previously mostly empty part of the map;
  12. Updated campaigns "Lightning Strikes", "Havoc over Kuban", "Hawks over the Bulge";
  13. Synchronized ShVAK guns on all aircraft have the muzzle velocity of projectiles increased by 25 m/s, from 815 to 840 m/s due to the difference in the length of the rifled part of the barrel;
  14. All Soviet aircraft from the middle of 1942 (except for I-16 and Il-2 rev. 1941) have late-type HE ShVAK ammo with increased weight to 96 g and increased explosive filling to 5.6 g;
  15. Fixed taxiing on High Halden and Woodchurch airfields on the Normandy map;
  16. Fixed mission point placement near the edge of the map in free hunt missions;
  17. Corrected the audible ranges of airplane engines in first-person view;
  18. Fixed a problem with the vertical stretching of modification pictures in the equipment customization menu;
  19. Bf 109 G-2: fixed wrong technochat message about negative propeller pitch value ("-1%");
  20. Bf 109 G-6: added MK108 cannon reloading tumbler animation;
  21. P-38J-25: fixed uneven clock hands animation;
  22. P-47D-28: corrected animation of gyroscopic sight sun filter handle;
  23. Typhoon Mk.2b: fixed animation of the right rudder trimmer;
  24. Yak-9 and Yak-9T: fixed bug with collimator reticle not disabling when the reflector is broken;
  25. Fw 190 A-3 and A-5: fixed minor graphical bugs in the wing model.
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Posted 3 Monate 2 Stunden her #49425
BoS Patch 5.203b ist veröffentlicht.
Lerne aus den Fehlern anderer.
Du wirst nicht lange genug leben um alle selber machen zu können.
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Qetzalcoatl antwortete auf Neuer BoS-Patch ist raus 5.203

Posted 2 Monate 4 Wochen her #49426
5.203b Patch
  1. Fixed missing roads on the Stalingrad map;
  2. Pilot Career mode: fixed bug in transport escort missions on the Moscow map;
  3. Pilot Career Mode: reduced the time required to cover transport planes during their landing at a forward airfield;
  4. Pilot Career mode: ground attack duration for AI pilots increased from 2-4 to 4-6 minutes (10-12 minutes on IL-2s due to their large payloads);
  5. Pilot Career mode: I-16 fighters will not be assigned to intercept missions and bomber escort missions because of their low maximum speed;
  6. Pilot Career Mode: Bofors anti-aircraft guns can no longer appear on German side in bomber escort missions;
  7. To reduce the time spent over the target, Il-2 AI pilots now fire all 82 mm rockets and up to four 132 mm rockets in one salvo, and use up to four FAB-50s and two FAB-100s in one bombing run;
  8. WWI AQM mode: enemy column attack scenario fixed;
  9. One of the Ar 234 bombs won't be dropped together with the launch boosters;
  10. Corrected IAR-80A propeller rotation direction;
  11. Corrected flap release angle in the basic IAR 80-B;
  12. FOCOASE lamp on IAR-80A and B won't light up when power is off;
  13. IAR 80-M and IAR 80/81-C canopy can be opened at up to 650 km/h speeds (it was pneumatically operated);
  14. Corrected the IAR engine modes naming in its description (combat corrected to nominal);
  15. Typhoon Mk.Ib is correctly counted in the statistics;
  16. Made minor improvements to the ground forces AQM mode;
  17. Corrected the place of spent casings ejection of Li-2 front ShKAS MG.

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